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“Dear Jon, there is a beautiful Japanese Buddhist work jacket, called Samue. Let’s start from there.”
Malmö, August 2022. A film by forte/fortissimo.

The collaboration between Emil and Swedish artist Jon Koko stems from a shared aesthetic and vision of harmony and balance. The idea behind this project is to make new use and destination for his inspiring art applied to the clothing field, resulting in the creation of two pieces in which nature plays a significant role and the Japanese influence is greatly present: the Jon Koko Samue, a traditional Buddhist work jacket in pure linen and cotton canvas, and the Jon Koko Foulard, a printed silk foulard with the artist’s original illustration.

About Jon Koko
Jon Koko’s work brings together the modernity of lines and the staging of prints. Architecture, nature, and spirituality are found in his art, immersed in the traditional Japanese universe.


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