Elia jacket, riga, 179€
Pearl III earrings, 95€
Tecla skirt, raw silk avorio, 130€
Jo top, capri, 69€
Wild incense spray, 350 ml, 65€
Lucio pants, beige, 128€
Journal #25

Spring/Summer 2021

Last summer I went for a day trip to the Venetian Lido, a beautiful strip of land between
the Adriatic sea and the lagoon of Venice. The pearl of the Belle Epoque,
where everything develops within a sort of microcosm made of water and sand, and mundane life.
With me, I only had what was strictly necessary for an improvised trip to the seaside.
And I had all I needed.
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Elia jacket, gessato, 179€
Hiba wood oil, 12 ml, 32€
Anna bra, Black, 53€
Fiume vest, jute, 135€
Decorattivo 1, 245€
Marilede top, pois, 130€