Torino coat, tartan, 360€
Takazawa candle, Nanao, 68€
Office shirt, raw silk, 98€

On Woman

Emil opens the doors to his very personal world and dedicates three days to the launch of its latest collection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

On Woman
Casa Canvas
Via Solferino 42, Milano

Friday, November 26th – 13.00 / 18.00
Saturday and Sunday, November 27th and 28th – 10.00 / 18.00

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Firenze dress, blue, 198€
Matìs brooch, eye, 135€
Utility pants, night, 150€
Matìs brooch, dove, 135€
Office shirt, indigo, 98€
Parigi dress, black, 173€
Journal #31

Eros Carpet Collection

A new series of rugs, hand-knotted in soft mohair wool. Two organic shapes, abstract profiles of two lovers intertwined in an embrace.

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Oaxaca shirt, black, 115€
Matìs brooch, womb, 145€
Torino coat, stripes, 360€
Pechino jacket, light grey, 238€
Mina winter socks, grey, 27€
Office shirt, tartan, 98€