Office shirt, indigo, 98€
Valentino collar, 395€
Torino coat, stripes, 360€
Brother t-shirt, Sienna, 55€
Matìs brooch, eye, 135€
Firenze dress, blue, 198€
Journal #31

Eros Carpet Collection

A new series of rugs, hand-knotted in soft mohair wool. Two organic shapes, abstract profiles of two lovers intertwined in an embrace.

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Oaxaca shirt, black, 115€
Matìs brooch, womb, 145€
Torino coat, black, 360€
Totem bangle collection, III, 66€
Parigi dress, black, 173€
Eros carpet, charcoal, 1950€
Office shirt, tartan, 98€
Mina winter socks, grey, 27€
Pechino jacket, light grey, 238€