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these surreal times force us to take action in order to guarantee our world-wide community to stay safe. For this reason, all the purchased items will be carefully stored and will be shipped only after April 15th.
More than ever we understand the difficulties we are all experiencing, therefore we offer FREE SHIPPING for every purchase until further notice.

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Every collection is a story, every item is a word. Explore our collection freely, let your eyes be captured in a journey through images and inspirations. Choose your path and discover our world.

Pj shirt, pearl grey, 125€
Pj pants, pearl grey, 130€
Lina gilet, black, 60€
Gilda skirt, black, 95€
Mina shirt, silver, 85€
Fina pants, white, 110€
Linda tank top, cipria, 150€
Cercin earrings, 135€
Isabella dress, ivory, 195€
Sami jumpsuit, ivory, 195€
Anita gilet, yolk, 150€
Pj pants, yolk, 130€
Cruna earrings, 195€
Lido shirt, ivory, 95€
Gio skirt, ivory, 170€
Anita gilet, ebano, 150€
Pepi shorts, ebano, 95€
Lino top, bordeaux, 80€
Adele skirt, bordeaux, 130€
Bebi pants, bordeaux, 130€
Duna foulard, 150€
Boca kimono, black, 125€
Riso trousers, black, 80€
Madre earrings, 195€
Franklin jumpsuit, black, 115€
Bon Bon scrunchie, avorio, 37€
Nora dress, pearl, 130€
Mami bag, avorio, 52€
Nora Mobile, 450€
Bon Bon scrunchie, blue, 37€
Bruco chair, 850€
Maria jumpsuit, black, 135€
Nora dress, wine, 130€
Bon Bon scrunchie, cardi, 37€
Jole shirt, cachemire, 95€
Cech earrings, 135€
Mami bag, blue, 52€
Romeo pants, jeans, 95€
Bon Bon scrunchie, aimer, 37€
Tino shirt, black, 100€
Maria jumpsuit, dark green, 135€
Bon Bon scrunchie, hais, 37€
Milo carpet, silver, 1500€
Bon Bon scrunchie, celeste, 37€
Milo carpet, cream, 1500€
Bon Bon scrunchie, chai, 37€
Pear earrings, 130€
Tino shirt, white, 100€