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Seasonless clothing, handmade in Italy with love.

A collection driven by consciousness and mindfulness, designed with love and care. Timeless garments and accessories that step far away from the idea of seasonal clothing, aiming to become an asset to your wardrobe and work harmoniously with what we already have.

Mia dress, raw silk avorio, 180€
Pearl I earrings, 60€
Mia dress, black, 180€
Lula pochette, large, 62€
Lucio pants, beige, 128€
Jo top, capri, 69€
Pearl III earrings, 95€
Fina pants, white, 110€
Fiume vest, jute, 135€
Jon Koko foulard, limited edition, 150€
Anna bra, jute, 53€
Filippo shorts, black, 97€
Friulane slippers, black, 54€
Lucio pants, gessato, 128€
Elia jacket, gessato, 179€
Tino shirt, celeste, 100€
Elia jacket, nero, 179€
Lula pochette, large, 62€
Anna bra, Black, 53€
Gio skirt, cipria, 170€
Mila hoops, 130€
Elia jacket, riga, 179€
Pearl II earrings, 60€
Cloe pants, riga, 98€
Marilede top, white, 85€
Baba necklace, 85€
Tecla skirt, raw silk avorio, 130€
Milo carpet, cream, 1500€
Anna shirt, vichi, 98€
Anna boxer, vichi, 48€
Nawa rope belt, white, 32€
Zoe dress, vichi, 89€
Romeo chain collar, 37€
Ponente kway, brown, 138€
Cruna earrings, 140€
Adriano tshirt, blue, 48€
Mario pants, black, 128€
Nawa rope belt, black, 32€
Jo top, silver, 83€
Аna Kraš foulard, limited edition, 150€
Mario raw silk pants, avorio, 128€
Germano pants, forest, 128€
Pearl V earrings, 135€
Marilede top, pois, 130€
Tino shirt, saba, 100€
Tea earrings, 19€
Filippo short, rust, 97€
Matilde shirt, rust, 115€
Toro jacket, khaki, 120€
Anna shirt, pois, 98€
Milo carpet, silver, 1500€
Anna boxer, pois, 48€
Lula pochette, medium, 35€
Laurie skirt, Chai, €
Lina vest, Chai, 57€
Cech earrings, 135€
Fina pants, blue, 110€
Lina gilet, blue, 60€
Kong jumpsuit, blue, 193€
Toro jacket, blue, 120€
Valentino collar, 395€
Cloe pants, dark jeans, 98€
Lula pochette, medium, 35€
Fredo top, blue, 60€
Fredo top, Stripes, 60€
Julia pants, night, €
Jo top, notte, 83€
Tecla skirt, notte, 130€
Cercin earrings, 95€
Dodo jumpsuit, black, 180€
Dodo jumpsuit, ivory, 180€
Madre earrings, 140€
Lina vest, square, 57€
Lula pochette, small, 23€
Zoe dress, black, 130€
Fredo top, navy, €
Lido shirt, ivory, 95€
Cloe pants, denim, 98€
Lula pochette, small, 23€
Anna shirt, black, 98€
Matilde shirt, check, 115€
Pear earrings, 130€
Zoe dress, latte, 130€
Tino shirt, avorio, 89€