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Our Spring/Summer 2021 collection is now online.
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Seasonless clothing, handmade in Italy with love.
Marilede top, black, 85€
Jo top, silver, 83€
Anna shirt, pois, 98€
Anna shirt, vichy, 98€
Anna shirt, black, 98€
Matilde shirt, rust, 115€
Matilde shirt, check, 115€
Marilede top, pois, 130€
Marilede top, white, 85€
Jo top, notte, 83€
Lina gilet, square, 57€
Anna bra, black, 53€
Fiume vest, jute, 135€
Jo top, capri, 69€
Anna bra, jute, 53€
Lina gilet, pois, 57€
Tino shirt, celeste, 100€
Lina gilet, blue, 57€
Tino shirt, saba, 100€
Adriano tshirt, blue, 48€
Tino shirt, avorio, 89€
Lino top, bordeaux, 80€
Lido shirt, ivory, 95€
Lina gilet, chai, 57€
Fredo top, blue, 60€
Fredo top, navy, 60€
Fredo top, stripes, 60€
Jo top, bronze, 83€
Inès shirt, blue, 75€
Inès shirt, pearl, 70€