A clear and open statement of our beliefs, features and motives:

Point one
We want to live in a culture where people are in a constant state of celebration of their bodies, their minds and one another. We embrace uniqueness and authenticity, we fight for the right to express ourselves, and we encourage people to have fun and enjoy embrace their true nature.
Point two
We create honest and sophisticated garments to give power to the individual, without stereotypes or establishing trends, yet still with an ageless sense of genuine beauty. We do not follow, and do not care for, market demands.
Point three
We believe in quality and honesty more than numbers. Our production is 100% made in Italy, from design conceptions to manufacture and raw materials. We deal directly with the consumer to guarantee you the best price, delivering directly from our hands to yours in order to avoid additional costs through traders.
Point four
We have shaken up the rules of seasonal collections dictated by the fashion business by reinstating fun, timeless, and long lasting designs. Our garments are the result of a long process of conception and realization and do not have an expiry date. Let’s boycott consumerism and industrialism.
Point five
We design our own fabrics, aiming towards originality, versatility and uniqueness, combining a constant study on colour combinations with attentive drawing activities. Every pattern has a story behind it, and we hope you will appreciate and treasure it.