Journal #15

SS20, Q&A with the designer

A tribute to natural elements. Clay, sand, water, sun. An embodiment of the concept of nature, our latest and all-encompassing collection was designed to celebrate strong and feminine women. To celebrate it and give insight into the Emil creative process, we sit down with Founder and Creative Director, Giulia Mojoli, to discuss the collection.

What suggestions did you draw upon in creating this collection?
The ideas behind the concept of a new collection are many and the most disparate: the feeling that arises in discovering a new chromatic combination, an old photograph, but also concrete references such as the discovery of a new fabric supplier or maybe a garment worn by someone in a movie. For this collection we have placed on the table, quite a large table, photographs and pieces of fabrics but above all natural elements such as stones and woods, collected along the river down the road of our studio. In our mind was clear the vision of where we have pictured this collection: in the warmth of summer, where, suddenly “exposed”, but at ease, we’d feel free to wear something comfortable yet feminine, barefoot in the outdoors. Hence the choice of linen and silks, thermoregulatory materials par excellence, and a neutral palette of warm tones.

Tell us a little about the creative process in designing these pieces
The creative process is very organized: once the message has been identified, we sketch the garments and select the fabrics, leaving the whole thing to settle for a while in order to come back to it refreshed and with a clear critical approach. Once both garments and fabrics are defined, it’s all about attention to details. Some steps are very fun and creative, others are just a painstaking look for the cloud in the silver lining, reflection of our obsessive tendency towards perfection.

How do you think this collection has evolved from your last?
Emil is a relatively young brand. It was born in 2013, taking an actual shape in 2017, with the beginning of a continuous production. I believe that, with the years going by, as we strongly preserve some aspects of our soul, it is a continuous adjustment in respect of our identity and our languages linked to a constant evolution. This is our true, as for other small businesses who, like us, are more oriented towards research than towards trends.

If this collection was a place, what would this place be?
It would be a wild and windy island. There is a little island in Italy, nearby Sardinia, which I happen to identify with Emil; it’s called La Maddalena and it’s where I spent long summers in my youthfulness. The island is lulled by a fresh wind, a wind that caresses the skin and lifts clothes.