Journal #25

Spring/Summer 2021

Last summer I went for a day trip to the Venetian Lido, a beautiful strip of land between
the Adriatic sea and the lagoon of Venice. The pearl of the Belle Epoque,
where everything develops within a sort of microcosm made of water and sand, and mundane life.
With me, I only had what was strictly necessary for an improvised trip to the seaside.
And I had all I needed.
This collection was designed with the picture of that day in my mind.
Comfortable cover-ups that with a twist become perfect outfits for a night out.
Plain pieces that, matched with the right accessory, acquire new identities.
Menswear-inspired clothing that, like stolen items from your father’s wardrobe,
or your husband’s -, or lover’s-, become ideal pieces for any summer day.