Journal #23

Pearl II, Pearl V

I took a day trip to the countryside, far from the city. I’ve met up with Lorella at her riding stable, just outside Milan. We went for a ride with her family horses, up to the Montorfano Lake, in what appears to have been the last warm day of autumn.

We’ve started our day early, getting the horses ready for a sunny morning out. You find yourself caught in that moment because suddenly it’s you and nature only, in all its glory.

It’s amazing how hypnotic a horse’s gait can be. Their rhythmic moves, the sound of their hooves on the ground. Simply touching their hair, somehow, soothe you. Sat in the saddle, you’re only a few meters off the ground but this allows you to have a totally different perspective on the whole world around you. You spot things you wouldn’t normally spot and, from your perch on a horse’s back, you are totally immersed in the natural environment.

In the morning light, we took some photos of Lorella wearing a couple of looks and the new earrings Pearl. Now online in the 2 pearls and 5 pearls version.