Journal #11

Our design

Textile design brings to clothes a new flow of life. There’s a strong power within it: it’s culture, it’s embellishment, it’s activism, it’s political expression, it’s all this and more.’ Textiles represent how people read you, who you are and how you want to be seen. They are an open book, you can read them, they represent where you stand, the community you belong to, and the woman you want to be. The way we dress is not only for adornment: a piece of clothing is more than an accessory to make you look good, it’s a way of acquiring other strengths, other traits, a ritual transformation.

All our fabrics, as for all the hand-made fabrics from around the world, have a story. There’s a soul that lives in hand-printed textiles, where the hand of the designer can be seen. We’ve always been fascinated by the spirit and the history of different cultures, their arts, their materials, their ways to express themselves, and also by the interaction of all these elements with one another. We are constantly fascinated by the infinite amount of possibilities of creating something new by combining styles and colors, symbols and fabrics. We intuitively feel and express ourselves through the creation of new pattern. Our emotionally-fluid relationship with each collection are both romantically cultivated and part of a structured operational routine, starting with a concept which guide us to the searching of materials, followed by a phase of sperimentation, always directed by the structure of time and seasonal deadlines.

We definitely believe in the importance of material research. There’s a lot of tactile and sensuous magic into creating a textile, it’s one of the most intimate goods, as we have a very close, active, and inevitably-constant relationship with fibers both directly and indirectly. It is important that there be more mindfulness in the creation of our textiles and also the products that utilize them, especially today that fashion has become one of the most polluting industries, so it’s not only how it looks but how your clothing is made. Our production is 100% made in Italy. We choose fabrics that have a purpose – to inspire, to challenge, to become loved. We’re passionate about what we do and deeply aware of our responsibility as designers, as makers, as manufacturers – putting people and the planet at the heart of what we do. Textile printing involves the accurate application of a color paste, made up of dye or pigment, a thickening agent and other chemicals, onto a fabric. That is why, among many different methods, we choose digital printing, in order to reduce print paste waste.