Journal #27

Marie Eklund, Limited Edition

In Marie Eklund’s spoons, nature can be seen. In many different ways.
It can be seen in the material in which they are carved, birchwood, and in their organic shapes, mimicking seeds, leaves, or bendy stems.

She works with minimal tools, using nothing but her ax and carving knife to create unique handmade objects. This limited edition of spoons was created specifically for Emil. They are hand-carved in birchwood, directly recovered in Marie’s very own garden – detail which makes these beautiful pieces even more treasurable. They are four unique and intricately crafted spoons, born from Marie’s intuition and knowledge of the material, evidencing the singularity of her vision and the virtuosity of her craftsmanship, here translated into a mini-collection of one-of-a-kind spoons.


Marie Eklund is an artisanal woodworker living halftime in Stockholm, halftime in Tångeråsa, close to Örebro. Her unique works can be found in select galleries across Europe and North America.