Journal #21

The good coat

Time to time I feel the need to reactivate my senses. I walk on the hiking trails in the foothills near me. I walk through the meadows, hear the birds singing, smell the sage, feel the breeze, and taste the beauty and serenity of the nature surrounding me. I feel like part of her. Then I am again centered, immersed in the atmosphere of nature, and ready to flow with her.
We possess an emotional force and an intellectual force that work together. In nature, we feel ourselves and are aware of our existence, and simply being there is often the key: we are reminded of who we are and what’s important, we remember the past and use what we have learned to make choices for our future.

My forever commitment is to design garments with care and mindfulness, moreover, with consideration of our beautiful planet. A few months back, during my constant searches, I happened to run into this incredible material. A fabric made of a 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn containing Upcycled Marine Plastic from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, a collaborative community with a single voice against plastic pollution. What they do is to bring together individuals, organizations, and companies, to help clean our oceans and raise awareness of the issue of marine plastic. It’s also an incredible project focused on creating a virtuous economy. The plastic found on the ocean floor and surface is cleaned and transformed into Upcycled Marine Plastic and it is then returned to the industry to be transformed into beautiful, new, sustainable products.
This is how our Milo kimono was born. Milo is our winter coat made in technical micro RipStop, a fabric also used for supertechnical clothing such as uniforms and sportswear. It’s water repellent and 100% recycled. Crafted from panels of this incredible fabric, this oversized puffer jacket features a foldover waist, a v-neck, long sleeves, and front slip pockets.
It’s a comfortable, passepartout urban-wear jacket, perfect for the upcoming season.

Find out more on SEAQUAL INITIATIVE: