Journal #16

Jewelry, stones

There’s something unique in designing jewelry. It gives the chance to create a small scale sculpture, a little object that you can carry around everywhere you like. Everything is downscale, in a quite narrow space you have to mold the matter in order to create a small object in which to concentrate elegance, preciousness and, most importantly, a piece of you. In this short album, our collection represented through the lens of our friend, photographer Mattia Parodi.

Mattia Parodi was born in Genoa in 1989, where he studied Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture, he achieves a Master in Photography for Cultural Heritage at ISIA Urbino, graduating with a photographic thesis called “La Ferita”, a research about the theoretical concept of the “wound”, in which the city and the landscape are treated as the organs of an enormous body. Project supervised by Federico Clavarino. He joins Juma in late 2018, following various photographic projects.