Journal #1

Emil carpet collection

It’s a well-known fact that, as Emil, we love to dress up women. We love to make them look good, feel good, unique, and original.Being also incredibly fascinated by the world of design, we became close to a new perspective that thrilled us and inspired us: designing our own collection of wool hand- knotted carpets. If you look at it from a different point of view, we’re still talking about decorating, whereas it is a woman’s body we are designing clothing for, or our home. Through our carpet collection, we intend to promote the quality of materials and original designs, brought together by a muted palette of neutral and delicate tones.

Milo is a hand-knotted carpet in pure Tibetan wool. It features a soft plain fleece and a delicate geometric pattern of different thicknesses, embellished by the addition of silk threads which give it a vibrant and luminous effect. For this collection, we had the great support of our good friend Ferid Amini, a guru of the carpet making industry and with his precious help, we’ve selected the finest materials and the best artisans in order to offer you a product able to mirror our visions and to last over time.