Journal #18

Autumn/Winter 2021

September 18th marks Emil’s 4th anniversary,
and it goes without saying that these years have been so far an incredible journey.
Four years ago I was starting this project with the genuine purpose of putting out there what I love. Long the way, which I know is relatively short if compared with other similar realities, “what I love” has gained a much greater meaning.
It also became commitment and improvement towards a bigger picture.
These have been years of growth, personal, and also as a company.


I drew this last collection by tracing a narrow path and also adjusting the destination.
The last few months gave me the chance to search for meaning and purposes, to make changes and decisions to sustain our vision of what fashion should be, empowering the values I’ve always treasured.

This new collection is driven by a never greater consciousness, it’s designed with care and mindfulness. We’ve stepped even further away from the idea of seasonal collections, putting love and attention in designing comfortable and timeless garments able to work harmoniously with the ones we already have, rethinking of what our wardrobe should look like, objectively and ethically.

It’s a collection inspired by the natural elements. It’s designed for the wind, through dancing fringes and swaying lines.
For the water, through the shine of silver, seashells, and pearls. And for the earth, through natural fibers and warm, textured tones.

With this collection, we run away from the crowd, in the Alps, where home is, for me.
Descending the snowy mountain and crossing the river that divides the green meadows, that’s the place.


I hope you will love these pieces and you’ll wear them now and forever.