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I am no bird, N°3

Maria Lai

Journal #17

A nothing to do story

I am no bird, N°2

Ruth Asawa

I am no bird, N°1

Anni Albers

Anni Albers (1899-1994) is the artist – and the woman – we’d like to start this new format with. 
A format dedicated to the great women in history, up to the present days. A simple diary to remember their incredible lives and their precious accomplishments, and at the same time, a tool to remind us how strong, powerful, and hearty women can be. 
Journal #16

Jewelry, stones

Journal #15

SS20, Q&A with the designer

Journal #14

Our manufacturing

Journal #13

Milano, Franklin e Tino

What a lovely day this was. One of those sunny days when everything is in place. We walk down to the park with the lovely Rana, she’s the sweetest, always smiling. She wears our total black look: Franklin jumspuit and Tino shirt. She looks so charming, and also so petìt among all those chubby sculpures.

Journal #12

Textile’s matter: how to choose

Journal #11

Our design

Journal #10

Milano, Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Journal #9

Emil, mobile collection

Journal #8

Nora, Luca

Journal #7

Emil home: light and matters

Journal #6

Boca e Fiume

It is quite clear our fascination towards the Japanese culture. Its structure, its poetry. We have desi-gned this look thinking of three separate pieces that could somehow work good on their own, and therefore suitable to be matched and styled with other items, but that when together they would create a modern and feminine asian-inspired suit, neat, elegant and ageless.

Journal #5

Luca coat

Journal #4

Collaborations: Ana Kraš

Journal #3

Spring Summer 2019: Backstage

Journal #2

Our materials

Journal #1

Emil carpet collection