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Each brand has a story to tell. Emil’s is about raw materials, neutral colour palettes,  minimal designs inspired by different cultures, comfortable cuts, and the idea of overcoming the dichotomy between masculine and feminine.  Timeless pieces – clothes, jewelery, and home accessories. Products made to last, to be loved and rediscovered every season.

All collections, which are handmade in Italy by local artisans using an ethical and responsible approach, have a strong aesthetic coherence. The fundamental aspect of the research and design process is the consideration of materials and their use. Achieving high quality at an affordable price is the ultimate objective. 

Femininity, spontaneity, respect, authenticity, sharing, connections, and relationships. Emil is consciousness.


Behind the brand is Giulia Mojoli, who decided in 2017 to give shape to a personal style concept as a synthesis of two worlds: her family background and professional experience on one side – she is co-founder and ongoing art director of the communication and consultancy studio Juma, which she launched with her father in 2014 – and her academic and travel experiences on the other: influences that inspired an aesthetic that strikes a balance between the east and west, north and south, the big city and the small town.

The address of the first Emil’s place in Milan is Via Albertini 6, not surprisingly in a district of the city that is one of the most open to internationality and what is new.

The shop, which opened in May 2023, displays all Emil products and a few other brands related to beauty and the home. A space conceived as a venue for workshops devoted to wellness, craftsmanship, and the Emil philosophy in general, with the goal of raising awareness about certain purchasing decisions. A place that also serves as a gallery for exhibitions of artists and designers who collaborate with the brand or are related to it in some way. But, above all, Emil is and will be a place to meet and share ideas, experiences, and synergies. A vital location where you can continue to learn, play, and create.


Timeless minimal aesthetics
Nature and art-inspired designs
Comfortable and effortless fits
Conception and manufacture fully in
Small productions
Original fabric patterns

The Uniform Philosophy

In addition to serving as a guiding principle for the entire Emil collection, the idea of producing clothing with timeless design has given rise to the Uniform line: essential-lined clothing and accessories that can be mixed and matched to create a lifestyle collection through versatile items that can be worn throughout the year.

Emil’s Uniform collection embodies our idea of basic and adaptable pieces, just like a uniform should be, repeated and repeatable. Through this permanent collection, we maintain an archive of our traditional patterns, eventually just changing fabrics and minor details.

In the name of a slow fashion that transcends time and space, Emil offers a free download of its signature Uniform Collection’s paper patterns.​

Downloading the patterns is easy: simply click the little circled question mark sign located next to the item’s code on the page of the Uniform garment of our choice.

Materials & manufacturing


Emil chooses to use fibers of vegetable or animal origin, ethically sourced, such as linen, organic cotton, raw silk, and wool, as well as 925 silver and wood for jewelry and accessories. These materials are lighter because they are easily recyclable and of proven and durable quality.

Emil chooses fabrics that have a purpose – to inspire, to challenge, to become loved. None of the garments contain any plastic fiber.


The most effective contributors to low environmental impact are materials and manufacturing quality. This is possibly the only area in which a small brand can have an advantage over the world’s largest producers. Emil’s suppliers are all Italian, among the many and small realities present in Italy, a guarantee of great artisan quality and minimal environmental impact for transport and shipping in the production process. The slow culture vocabulary of small-scale production, traditional craft techniques, and local materials provides a foundation for the development of powerful relationships between fashion creators and collaborators.
It is estimated that the average production waste of fabrics used in clothing is around 15% of the total. Emil has begun a project based on the NO Waste philosophy, which aims to reuse material waste. It includes numbered pieces built as a collage, giving great dignity and new life to what would otherwise be wasted. Collection available starting September 2023.